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A valued customer since 1995
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Residences  -  Pinellas Park, Fl.
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After having our share of aquarium problems, we decided that we needed a professional
to help in maintaining the tank. Innerscapes has taken care of our 70 gallon tank for more than 9 years and has done an excellent job.
We certainly recommend Innerscapes for anyone that wants their tank to look it's best.
Harvey J. Spinowitz
Attorney at Law

Innerscapes has maintained our 240 gallon salt water home aquarium since around 1997.   When we first met Bob our tank was a mess.   I had been spending hundreds of dollars annually to replace fish, etc. and the tank never looked like we wanted.  Since Innerscapes took over, the difference is amazing.  The aquarium always looks great, and we seldom lose fish.  We  are  saving  considerable money!  InnerScapes staff are very efficient, courteous and reliable.  We are planning a new tank for our new home very soon.  We tried other services prior to Innerscapes and none could compare or compete.   Give this company a try and you'll be pleased.
Steve Bender
Seminole, FL 

Innerscapes has taken excellent care of my 55 gallon tank for over ten years.  
We have found him to be really great -- prompt, efficient and neat.
N. Hairston, Clearwater,  FL

I am happy to recommend Innerscapes Aquariums systems. 
We have used Innerscapes for nearly 12 years for our 154 gal. Saltwater tank.  
We rarely have fish losses;  in fact,  we currently have a grouper that has lived
for over  9 years.  We also had a clownfish for over 7 years! 
The tank always looks wonderful and our clients are constantly commenting on it.
H. Larson.  Atty.       Larson and Larson P.A.     Largo, Fl

Innerscapes has cared for our cylinder aquarium for around 15 years.
I would'nt think of using any other company.
Sandy M.
Pinellas Park

Beginning in early 2004 we contracted with  Innerscapes.  We are thrilled with our aquarium and gladly recommend his service.
Valerie Quinn
Seminole Fl.

Residence    -   Largo,  Fl.
Innerscapes has been servicing our office aquarium for over 17 years!   Clearly, we are happy with our service arrangement and our patients have always loved our fish!    Keep up the good work Robert!    - Dr. Ralph Kimbrough, D.M.D., P.A.    Clearwater, Fl
Bob and his staff have taken care of my twin 210 gallon tanks for more than 12 years.
Judy F. Largo, Fl.
Most of  our new business comes from customer referrals.
Client  Photos And Testimonials
Since 1996.  We are now also planning a pond.   M. Park - Belleair Beach, FL
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