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Custom aquarium furniture
Custom aquarium furniture
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We offer service contract "agreements" 

Keeping it simple -
InnerScapes Aquarium Systems has built its reputation on quality products and services. 
In the aquarium business, service is everything!    Maintaining a healthy aquarium requires 
diligent commitment to regularly scheduled maintenance. 
Our service agreement is very simple. 

It describes your monthly fee, how often your aquarium will be serviced,
what procedures will be performed and what material costs will be charged the customer.

We will customize your service to meet your needs.

In all cases we are committed to the success of your aquarium showpiece.  
Our service calls will not be limited to the details within your agreement. 
If extra service is required, and "emergencies" can happen, we will be there to handle them. 

24-hour emergency service is always available.

We have an enduring record of many long-term customers.  

InnerScapes has never required a binding contract pertaining to maintenance services.
We believe that both parties must be continually happy with the arrangement and neither should be bound 
to any type of contract.  However,  we will be happy to supply one should  it be requested.

Otherwise, your simplified aquarium service agreement will apply. 
- And, we assure your complete satisfaction at all times!

Thank you for choosing InnerScapes aquarium systems and for visiting Pinellas Aquariums!

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Service Agreements
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Founded in 1980,  Pinellas Aquariums/InnerScapes Aquariums is backed by more than 30 years of industry experience.  We provide sales & services, offering competitive pricing and qualified consultation bringing you the best in customer support!
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Aquarium Sales & Installations 
Custom Aquarium Design 
 Professional Maintenance Services

Welcome to Pinellas Aquariums featuring Titan Aquariums - Acrylic Aquariums Shipped Nationwide!
InnerScapes Aquariums  - Since 1980  
 Aquatic beauty for your home or workplace   

Authorized Dealers of Titan Acrylic Aquariums!

We Service All Aquariums!

We sell and service all manufacturers' 
aquariums, cabinetry and  life support systems.
Through our commitment, expertise and reliability 
InnerScapes Aquarium Systems has established decades long 
relationships with many clients in the Tampa Bay Area.
Our new relationship with Titan Aquatic Exhibits, in Peonix, Arizona
will allow us to bring you the finest freestanding aquariums and
in-wall aquariums at an afordable price.  We can have your aquarium
drop shipped to your door!  So, check with us for a fantastic deal on an acrylic aquarium today!

We provide the following services:


We can help you in all phases of your aquarium or water feature project.  We work with you to create a custom system to meet your  needs and to develop a custom conversation piece for your home or office.   
We  will work with interior designers, architects, electricians and contractors.  
Our customers get the results they expect  from a company with over two decades of experience. 

Design and Engineering 

Through  coordinated efforts with Aquarium manufactures our cabinet fabricators  we provide state of the art systems providing a beautiful piece of living art.  We provide the elements that bring your interior to life.  
We pride ourselves in creating displays that are functional and esthetically pleasing.  

Custom Aquatic Furniture

We also provide R&J furniture quality custom cabinetry.
We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our furniture, Paying close attention
 to detail in design, materials, and construction. 

Support Equipment 

Innovative high-tech products such as the latest in wet/dry filters, 
protein skimmers, UV sterilizers and chillers.


Installations are carried out by trained and qualified staff.


We will disassemble the aquarium or water feature, clean all filter equipment and carefully pack all livestock for the move, then acclimate livestock back when the aquarium is reassembled.

Service Maintenance and Customer Support

Maintenance services are the backbone of our business!  We will see that you are completely satisfied !          
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